I am a graphic designer and art director jr. with a water diviner power (λ).
I like to evolve in the fields of music, fashion, culture and
due to my dual background (graphic and fashion), my design approach is hybrid.
Please feel free to contact me, I'm always up to work on new projects. 


︎ — searching job as artistic director jr. in Paris or Berlin for march 2020.
︎ — intern at wwwesh studio↗︎ (Paris)
︎ — freelance at Pernod-Ricard (Paris)


2019 — internship at Diplomatie Studio↗︎ (Paris)
— graduated from Master degree in graphic design and strategies
of communication with excellent honors at L'école Estienne↗︎ (Paris)
2018 — internship at Kemmler Kemmler↗︎ (Berlin)
2017 — internship at My Little Paris (Paris)
2016 — internship & freelance at Tu seras beau (Biarritz)
2015 — graduated from a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design.